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Title: Relatório técnico Científico - junho 97/junho 98
Authors: Programa Mata Atlântica
Keywords: Programa Mata Atlântica
Issue Date: 1998
Description: The Atlantic Rain Forest Research Program (ARFRP) reports in the present document the results achieved in the period from July,1997 to June, 1998. During this period the ARFRP was supported by The MacArthur Foundation, Shell do Brasil S.A. (up to December, 1997), PETROBRAS (since January, 1998), Brazilian Ministry for the Environment, Margaret Mee Botanical Foundation, as well as the Brazilian Council for Research Development (CNPq), which granted students and researchers with research scholarships. This report comprises the continuity of the floristic survey for the Atlantic Rain Forest remnants at the Itatiaia National Park and at the Poço das Antas Biological Reserve; the recovery of degraded areas (ecological restoration) at Poço das Antas; and the improvement of the ARFRP database. The consolidation of the results can be demonstrated by the publication of the "Atlantic Rain Forest Woods Catalogue", approaching subjects as floristic diversity and Atlantic Rain Forest Conservancy, and the edition of the "Poço das Antas Biological Reserve Vegetation Map". Another important matter to highlight was the fact that Shell Brasil S.A. decided not to continue supporting the ARFRP from July/1997 on. After some contacs, the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden started negotiations with the Brazilian national oil agency, PETROBRAS, in October/1997, which were concluded in February/1998. Despite of the instability of that period, the Program agenda were accomplished., and from March/1998 on the research activities have been normally executed. By recognizing the importance of the ARFRP investigation on the Atlantic Rain Forest, the Brazilian Ministry for the Environment provided our Program with funds which were used to attend specific demands. On the other hand, extra funds coming from partnerships with different non-governamental organizations allowed the Atlantic Rain Forest Program to plan the use of MacArthur Foundation resources only from the second semester of 1998 on.
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