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Título: Relatório técnico Científico - junho 95/junho 96
Autor(es): Programa Mata Atlântica
Palavras-chave: Programa Mata Atlântica
Mata Atlântica
Data do documento: 1997
Descrição: The Atlantic Forest Program (PMA) assembles in this document the results of the activities developed during the period of July 1996 to June 1997, representing the effort of several professionals of the Instituto de Pesquisas Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro (Institute of Researches Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden), still supported by MacArthur Foundation, Shell Brasil S.A, Ministério do Meio Ambiente, dos Recursos Hídricos e da Amazônia Legal (Ministry of the Environment, of the Water Resources and of Legal Amazonia), Margaret Mee Botanical Foundation as well as by the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq - Brazilian Research Council), through the granted fellowships to its awardee and researchers. The activities reported here are part of the planning for the triennial aims for 1996/99, and they represent a step more in the acquisition of the knowledge for indispensable effective actions for the PMA to succeed in its main purpose of knowing better the Atlantic Forest remnants in order to implement conservation programs, and subsidizing the management, the recovery of natural areas and specialized capacitation of human resources. During this period, the activities were accomplished through the continuity of the floristic inventories in the Atlantic Forest remnants in the Parque Nacional do Itatiaia (PARNA - Itatiaia National Park), and in the Reserva Biológica de Poço das Antas (REBIO - Poço das Antas Biological Reserve), in the proposal of recovery of degraded areas in the REBIO-Poço das Antas, and in the improvement of the biological database of the PMA. The consolidation of the results reached along these years can especially be exemplified through the conclusion of two books that demonstrate the progress on the knowledge about the montane vegetation of the Atlantic Forest, especially in the Macaé de Cima Ecological Reserve, by publishing the second volume on the floristic aspects of the native plant species, and another book including themes about floristic diversity and conservation in Atlantic Forest. All of these activities were executed in a restructured PMA’s organization chart where its lines of action were systematized, in agreement not only with the institutional flow, as well as with the optimal allocation of grants from different financial grant agencies. Thus, the results will be shown in this report, in agreement with this new organization chart.
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