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Title: A taxonomic revision of Hymenophyllaceae
Authors: Ebihara, Atsushi
Dubuisson, Jean-Yves
Iwatsuki, Kunio
Hennequin, Sabine
Ito, Motomi
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Ebihara, A., J.-Y. Dubuisson, K. Iwatsuki, S. Hennequin, and M. Ito. 2006. A taxonomic revision of Hymenophyllaceae. BLUMEA 51.
Abstract: A new classification of Hymenophyllaceae, consisting of nine genera (Hymenophyllum, Didymoglossum, Crepidomanes, Polyphlebium, Vandenboschia, Abrodictyum, Trichomanes, Cephalomanes and Callistopteris) is proposed. Every genus, subgenus and section chiefly corresponds to the monophyletic group elucidated in molecular phylogenetic analyses based on chloroplast sequences. Brief descriptions and keys to the higher taxa are given, and their representative members are enumerated, including some new combinations.
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